Bellafill is making strides in the aesthetic world! Suneva, the makers of Bellafill released a study containing five-year safety and efficacy data. Remarkably, this study was the longest and largest prospective dermal filler study yet conducted! What sets Bellafill apart from other fillers? Is it truly superior?

Other Fillers

The main ingredient in fillers like Juvederm and Restylane is hyaluronic acid, a naturally-occurring sugar in the body. With time, your body naturally absorbs products like these. Downtime is just as non-existent with both Bellafill and other fillers. Still, there are some major differences.

What Sets Bellafill Apart?

The main ingredients in Bellafill are bovine-sourced collagen combined with polymethylmethacrylate microspheres. These microspheres provide structural support to the skin. What’s more, this product contains 0.3% of local anesthetic, known as lidocaine. The lidocaine helps to improve your comfort with the injection.

However, we should note that Bellafill is semi-permanent. Since the Bellafill contains microspheres that don’t break down in your body, the effects of treatment are almost life-long. Truly, the only method of removing the filler is through surgery.

Nevertheless, when results are visible, they’ll be long-lasting! Though, as your face ages, initial results won’t remain the same.

Unique Like No Other

In conclusion, Bellafill is an amazing filler! Should it be compared to other fillers? No. But, is it unique? Definitely!

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PUBLISHED: 20180606
UPDATED: 20190814

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