Are you tired of having lines, wrinkles, folds, and acne scar depressions? Belotero Balance may be the answer to your problems! Representing a new generation of dermal fillers, Belotero is a hyaluronic acid — an already naturally occurring substance in the body.

What Are The Benefits?

Belotero doesn’t put you at risk of granulomas (lumps) under the skin. Unlike other fillers, it has a consistency that is softer. When a filler is added to the skin it helps plump it up. Thereby, making folds, wrinkles, and creases diminish!

Belotero For Chin Wrinkles

As you age, you may notice a horizontal line that looks like a frown across your chin. This etched-in line is the natural result of repeated expressions that you make. This line, however, is usually not alone. For these lines compounded can make you look years older!

Belotero works to fill-in these lines. Thus, erasing this unseemly sign of aging!

Belotero For Nasolabial Folds

The nasolabial folds are just where it sounds like they would be: Between the nose (naso) and the lips (labial)! These lines run vertically, protruding at a 180-degree radian angle. Also known as smile lines, these wrinkles are stubborn and usually deep.

Sadly, nasolabial folds become more noticeable with age. Even worse, as nasolabial folds deepen, they can cause shadows on your face that can age you! Don’t let these wrinkles dim your smile!

Belotero works, again, to fill in these lines. In doing so, these lines are erased, and any shadows once present vanished.

belotero, Mirza Aesthetics

Belotero can virtually turn back time on aging!

Belotero For Corner Lines

Corner lines usually appear near the corners of the mouth, where the upper and lower lips meet. Some refer to them as the “crow’s feet” of the mouth. These downturned lines can cause you to look angry or sad. While, these lines are a natural part of aging, and can also be hereditary, you don’t have to live with them!

The wonderful Belotero swoops in to save the day! This product with its smooth consistency fills in these lines precisely so. In a manner that leaves the skin around your lips looking years younger!

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Published: 20161205
Revised: 20190529

Post Author: Dr. Mirza

With over 15 years of experiences as a licensed physician, Dr. Muhammad Mirza is very knowledgeable in cosmetics. Having specialized in neurology, our doctor knows exactly how to contour cosmetic products to your needs perfectly. Dr. Mirza takes his knowledge and shares it on his website, in his offices, and across various other platforms.