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For several years, Botox has been known as the gold standard for treating lines and wrinkles, but there are a number of doctors exploring other options. Perhaps you’ve been considering Botox or other neurotoxins, but you’re afraid of having a face that appears “frozen”. 

According to dermatologist, Dr. Howard Liu, some facial rejuvenation can appear unnatural when the upper face is too “frozen” and the lower face is out of proportion because it has too much filling. Some fillers even cause a blue discoloration when they are injected too near the surface of the skin. 

A more modern facial filler that is on the market called Belotero is made for treating superficial wrinkles and fine lines. Even though it’s considered “off label” use, some doctors say that it can be difficult to get consistent results using just Botox for treating, for example, the etched lines of a man’s forehead. Belotero can be injected superficially without the risk of showing up under the surface of the skin because it is light and thin. 

A significant number of patients complain that they can still see lines on their skin after they’ve received Botox alone. For these cases, many doctors use Belotero in conjunction with Botox for treating creases and lines. So, Belotero isn’t necessarily a competitor of Botox — it works with it. 

If you have etched lines on your forehead that you want to see gone, schedule a consultation today and we will discuss your treatment options. 

Post Author: Dr. Mirza