Oily skin, or combination oily and dry skin, have many causes at their root. But, what matters the most is how you deal with them. Oils secreted by the skin are usually the body’s means of protecting dry skin. What’s more, if dehydrated, the skin will absorb these oils into its pores.

So, how can you deal with oily skin? How can you successfully combat it?


Washing your face with cool water will help to refresh and revive your skin. How so? Consider that most facial cleansers and body washes contain harsh chemicals. While these are meant to smell nice, they can actually harm the skin. In fact, if you have sensitive skin, stay clear of washes altogether. Ultimately, the safest way to wash your skin is simply using water, as it’s paraben free, chemical free, and harmless.

Still, if you choose to use a cleanser, select one that’s gentle and has the least amount of chemicals. Then, after washing your face, gently pat to dry your skin. Doing this regularly will help remove excess oils, without drying out your skin. Given that removing too many oils can actually cause your skin to produce even more oils!

Aloe Vera

Apply aloe vera to your face to get rid of any remnant oils. Why would there be any oils left behind? The truth is that even though cleansers and pore strips do fantastic work, they can still leave behind oils, dirt, and other unwanted gunk. In this regard, aloe cleans out clogged pores, naturally and safely. Also, aloe has been known even to treat sunburns and damaged skin.

So, first, wash your face. Then, apply the gel about two to three times a day. Even better, if you want a soothing effect, try first chilling the gel.

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“It’s important to understand just how beneficial the right moisturizer can be for oily skin. In normal and oily skin, external factors such as pollution, UV rays, and excessive cleansing can damage skin’s moisture barrier, causing loss of moisture and an increase in oil production. As a result, your complexion can start to look overly shiny. That’s right, refusing to moisturize can actually lead to your skin looking oilier,” says L’ORÉAL PARIS on their official website.

Just make sure that the moisturizer you choose isn’t heavily filled with creams, chemicals, or fragrances. Keep it simple and watch your skin improve.


As is natural with those who have oily skin, you may experience bouts of breakouts. Why? While scientifically there may be various reasons, it may simply boil down to your touch. Yes, your own hands!

Throughout the day, your hands come into contact with bacteria, dirt, gunk, and so much more! Yes, you may not see these unwanted germs, but they are definitely there. Because your face’s skin is more sensitive than your hands’, the bacteria and gunk can irritate it. Be cognizant of your hand placement. If you notice yourself reaching for your face a lot, set a reminder on your phone, calendar, desktop, or fridge.

The information provided herein has been reviewed for accuracy, but cannot be guaranteed to be free of infallalacy. A consultation with a doctor is always needed before receiving treatment of any cosmetic product.


Published: 20161221
Revised: 20190610

Post Author: Dr. Mirza

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