Mirza Pre-Pay™ is a new system of payment introduced by Dr. Mirza. Usable in any of Dr. Mirza’s offices for cosmetic procedures, Mirza Pre-Pay™ is a prepaid, discounted, non-refundable, set credited amount represented by a voucher. 

Included in the list of treatments are any of Dr. Mirza’s: 

  • Trademarked Services: Apple Lift, Solar Loss, Strategic Butt Lift.
  • Cosmetic Services: Botox, Juvederm, Radiesse, Ultherapy, Belotero
  • Sexual Services: Male Enhancement, Penile Rejuvenation, P-Shot

For a full list of services see our Web site. 

In the form of a voucher, this credited amount must be used within two years of purchase or before expiry. The voucher may be shared with up to two additional persons and is usable in multiple locations. Only one printed coupon is permissible per group (up to three members total) per purchase. Voucher must be printed and brought into the office on the day of treatment for the credited amount to be redeemed. Copied or altered vouchers are not valid. Lost vouchers cannot be replaced nor refunded. 

Mirza Pre-Pay™ vouchers are only valid in the medical and cosmetic offices of Dr. M. Mirza. These vouchers are portable, borderless vouchers significant of the amount shown on them. How do they work?

How does Mirza Pre-Pay™ work?
There are presently three options.

  • $550 at 5% off         | You pay $500
  • $1,100 at 10% off  | You pay $1,000
  • $1,750 at 15% off  | You pay $1,500

Upon Purchase, Follow These Five Simple Steps: 

  1. You buy a voucher for a set amount, either online or in-office
  2. Print out the voucher and bring it to the office with you.
  3. Tell Dr. Mirza the treatment you want and present your voucher.
  4. Dr. Mirza subtracts the treatment cost, even at the discounted rate, from the voucher total; writes the new total for you and signs it.
  5. Share that voucher with your friend and repeat the process.

Why Should I Use Mirza Pre-Pay™?
Many enjoy visiting Dr. Mirza and love his prices, but wouldn’t it be more enjoyable to share the cost of a visit with a friend or two? Who doesn’t like reduced prices? With Mirza Pre-Pay™ this is possible!

Purchase a voucher and share the cost with up to two friends. Use the coupon at any of Dr. Mirza’s offices and ask for any treatment you want at the current-in-office price.

Place an advanced purchase for any cosmetic procedure with Dr. Mirza. Treatment options are available with voucher listings. Terms and conditions are effective as of purchase.

*This program does not serve as minimum essential coverage under the Affordable Care Act or as a substitute for comprehensive health insurance coverage.