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“Nothing you do on a day-to-day basis can actually affect which way your penis leans.

Here’s the thing: At a distance, the human body appears to be symmetrical; up close, however, it’s usually not quite perfect.

Be it uneven patches of facial hair or one leg that’s slightly longer than the other, you’re full of little imperfections — yes, even your dick.”

“The average vagina length is 5 inches, which is less than average penis size in America, which is 5.5 inches.

What most men don’t realize is that when it comes to sexual satisfaction, girth is more important than length.

There are things men can do to enhance their girth but it won’t come in the form of pill, and although penis pumps can improve an erection, they don’t help with overall size.”

“Despite having seemingly just dispensed their load, your testicles don’t actually need any recovery time to go again: They produce about 1,500 sperm per second, so when it comes to your ejaculate, there’s always more where that came from.

Your penis, on the other hand, suffers from a pretty dramatic change during the refractory period.

Once the ejaculate leaves the body, the penis is telling the brain that it no longer needs that blood supply.”
Profile: Dr. Muhammad Mirza —Who Are You?

“Dr. Mirza not only enhances the physical image of his clients, but more importantly their self-esteem which changes their entire attitude towards life.

His goal is to help his patients achieve their idea of their highest self, and fix any and all problem areas.

Innovation is truly Dr. Mirza’s forte. His practice is the epitome of privacy, safety, and comfort! Clients can visit Dr. Mirza at any one of this Tri-State locations.”

Of the laundry list of side effects that make up most commercials for prescription pills, the ones that have the most immediate impact on men watching tend to be those focused on their sex lives:

  • Do I want to take this cholesterol medication if it’s going to deflate my libido?
  • Is having less anxiety really worth the risk of potential erectile dysfunction?
  • Just how possible is the “possible” in “possible side effects include…?”

“[A man should be focused on] his girth. Why girth? The nerve endings and the sensations that are derived from sex are intimately connected.

As each nerve ending is hit, multiple times, the brain becomes overloaded with the right kind of hormones. Then, orgasm.

Suffice to say that if your member is too thin, you may miss the critical nerve endings, thereby failing to please.”


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“Circumcision is a risk factor for both physiological and psychosomatic aspects for E[rectile] D[ysfunction] since it is a sexual trauma and damages the penis.

The traumatization from the procedure’s pain is thought to be particularly damaging to an infant, whose brain is still developing .”