Dr. Muhammad Mirza is knowledgeable in cosmetics and a board-certified physician. Dr. Mirza knows how to contour cosmetic products to suit your needs perfectly. With over 15 years of experiences as a licensed physician, his aim has always been to make his patients look and feel like royalty.

15 Years Later, What Has Dr. Mirza Acccomplished?

In 15 years, Dr. Mirza has filed three patents, including his renowned Standing Technique and his latest Treatment for Acne Scars. What’s more, he offers over 20 trademarked services! Ranging from his Strategic™ brand developed to optimize non-surgical breast augmentation, non-surgical knee wrinkle rejuvenation, non-surgical and highly affordable butt lift, and the most recently trending nipple rejuvenation.

All of Dr. Mirza’s trademarked services are non-surgical, minimally invasive, safe and effective. Hundreds of patients so far have tried these services! Won’t you?

Where Does Dr. Mirza Source His Products?

All of the products used in our offices are 100% produced and manufactured on American soil. We are proud to support American businesses and only source from the best. Each product has a different patent holder or manufacturer. We exclusively purchase products from their patent holders. This ensures we get only high-quality products and allows us to offer deep discounts.

Why Does Dr. Mirza Have Offices In 5 States?

Mirza Aesthetics was founded in the New York Metropolitan area. However, after a while calls started coming in from all over. So, to better optimize his time, Dr. Mirza has partnered with some doctors to establish offices in different areas. The areas with the most traffic flow, easiest access, and the highest standards are where Dr. Mirza operates. To see a full list of our offices, click here.

What Is Mirza Aesthetics’ Mission?

The goal is simple: Deliver high-quality products at the lowest price. Why? Because, that’s what you want. Customers always get the short end of the stick when it comes to cosmetics, but we want to change that. We know you want flexible hours, quality products, and affordable pricing. So, that’s what we offer. Royalty Suited To Your Needs.