Washing, cleaning your hair is an important part of personal hygiene. But, your hair isn’t like the rest of your body. Your skin, your lips, your hair — are all different. So, how do you care for the follicles on your head? How do you maintain proper hair hygiene?



You must daily wash your hair.


While it’s important to have a regular hygiene routine, don’t be mistaken, washing in excess is possible. In reality, there’s no flat rule. Really, how often you should wash your hair depends on your hair type. However, two guides to follow include, washing your hair every three days, or whenever excess oils buildup. Speak with your hairstylist or barber for customized advice, including which products to use.



Shampoo is like soap — the more the better.


Shampoo is designed to strip your hair of natural oils, just like soap takes the oils off of your hands. The oils in your hair buildup and trap dirt and bacteria. In this way, the oils protect you from harmful germs. But, if you strip your hair of its oils excessively, you can actually dry out your hair and do more harm than good!

What’s more, conditioner is formulated specially to revive the strands and tips of your hair. So, conditioning after shampooing is not a step to skip. To know which shampoo and condition combination is best for you, consult your hairstylist. Or, check out this Cosmo Magazine article.



Hot water kills germs.


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Hot water does kill germs when cooking or cleaning. But, when cleaning your body or hair, hot water can actually cause you to dry out. In actuality, if you want a deep cleansing, use water warm. The mild heat will open up the cuticles and allow for better penetration of shampoo. But, if a sleeker style is your goal, use cold water.

Washing Your Hair

Not every hair follicle is made equally. Hair types vary, hairstyles vary, and products vary. So, in reality, to get the best results, you should consult a hair care professional or hairstylist. If you want more information on hair removal, however, check out our post series.

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PUBLISHED: 20181228
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