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The injectable gel, Juvederm is increasingly popular, as more people are interested in keeping a youthful and healthy appearance for a number of years. Yes, more people have heard of Juvederm, but many do not even know what it does. 

Juvederm is a safe and non-surgical method of treatment that is administered by a professional and offers results that are wanted by many. Juvederm is injected directly under the skin that surrounds the affected area. The injection needle is very fine and serves to fill and enhance the dermal tissue, which is located right underneath the epidermis. The relatively painless injection provides volume and other properties that fight pesky folds and wrinkles. 

Before treatment, the Juvederm injection sites are decided on, but the treatment usually works particularly well to fight folds or wrinkles around the face, laugh lines and/or smile lines, along with marionette lines (oral commissures), and parentheses (nasolabial) folds. 

Juvederm, which is made up primarily of a naturally found substance called “hyaluronic acid” (HA), is considered to be the next generation dermal filler. HA promotes skin volume and helps with hydration. HA dissipates as we get older, which creates folds or wrinkles in the skin. Juvederm fights this aging effect and restores HA into your skin, which results in the stretching and smoothing of it to get rid of wrinkles and folds, giving you the healthy, youthful appearance you have desired for so long. 

The outstanding results that patients come to expect from Juvederm are largely due to its manufacturing process. This unique process provides a high concentration of cross linked HA particles. Juvederm is ahead of other available HA dermal fillers because of its higher concentration of the substance, which provides patients with longer lasting results. 

The Juvederm manufacturing process also generates a smooth gel that creates a natural, flawless look without any noticeable bruises or scars after injection. No one will even know that you’ve had the treatment, but you will still get many compliments about how youthful and radiant you look. 

Are you interested in Juvederm? Schedule a consultation now and we will determine whether you are candidate for this outstanding treatment. 

Post Author: Dr. Mirza