Do you care about how you look? Of course, you do. It’s preposterous to even ask! So, you probably work out, eat right, have a skin care routine, dress well, and take out time to relax. But even if you do all of that, wrinkles and fine lines can still creep into your life. How?

Why, O Why, Wrinkles?

With age, skin loses its ability to retain moisture — It also loses elasticity and its reservoir of collagen, but let’s discuss those later. Juvederm® doesn’t scientifically “reverse” aging. Instead, it gives the skin and overall smooth and supple appearance. However, what is Juvederm®? How does it work?

Juvederm — How? Why?

Juvederm® is an injectable filler whose main component is hyaluronic acid. This cosmetic product belongs to Allergan Inc and is FDA-approved for cosmetic applications.

Because the hyaluronic acid can absorb as much as 1,000 times its weight in water, Juvederm® was a jaw-dropping release when it was released. Why?

In other words, the ability to absorb water aids in adding volume below the skin’s surface. It naturally plumps the skin to restore a glowing, youthful appearance. In the end, the face appears refreshed because the product binds with collagen, which is naturally found in the body.

In essence — again, not scientifically — Juvederm® can reverse the signs of aging!

The Pros of Juvederm®

Juvederm® is minimally-invasive, requiring only a syringe and a lunch break. Virtually erasing any signs of aging, this product doesn’t require any surgery. So, you don’t have to endure the extensive cost or discomfort from surgery. Plus, downtime is minimal, if any.

However, as with any injection, slight redness or mild bruising at the injection site is normal. But these are mild in nature and temporary, lasting no more than a few days.

The “Cons,” If You Call Them That

Juvederm® isn’t a permanent correction. It will give you a more youthful glow for about a year to 18 months. Plus, routine follow-ups and maintenance will be required to maintain your look.

Most aesthetic business price Juvederm® around $500 to $600. Then, the thicker versions, such as Juvederm® Ultra Plus would cost more. However, at Mirza Aesthetics™, we price Juvederm® at $350 per syringe! The thicker versions are only $100 to $150 more.

Does Juvederm® interest you? Are you a good candidate? Schedule a consultation with Dr. Mirza today!

The information provided herein has been reviewed for accuracy, but cannot be guaranteed to be free of infallalacy. A consultation with a doctor is always needed before receiving treatment of any cosmetic product.


Revised: 20190619

Post Author: Dr. Mirza

With over 15 years of experiences as a licensed physician, Dr. Muhammad Mirza is very knowledgeable in cosmetics. Having specialized in neurology, our doctor knows exactly how to contour cosmetic products to your needs perfectly. Dr. Mirza takes his knowledge and shares it on his website, in his offices, and across various other platforms.