Dr. Muhammad Mirza is licensed to practice medicine in several states, including:



Dr. Muhammad Mirza is setting new precedents in the beauty industry with his latest patented techniques. He strives for only the absolute best.

1. The Standing Technique has been approved by the USPTO and has received rave reviews from hundreds of patients

2. Treatment for Acne Scars is a unique patent-pending technique specifically designed to undo the damage of acne on the skin

Having been a practicing physician for over 15 years, in combination with administering cosmetic products, Dr. Mirza developed new combination services for his clients. He took time and care in putting together services like his Strategic™ line (including, breast lift, eyebrow lift, facelift, touch-up, nose job, nipple rejuvenation, wrinkle-free knees, and butt lift—all nonsurgical!) These are only a few of the many trademarked services Dr. Mirza has innovated and offers.

Mirza Aesthetics

From Where Does Mirza Aesthetics™ Source Their Products?

Mirza Aesthetics™ uses only legitimate products produced by their copyright holders. We are able to offer such deep discounts because we buy our products directly from the source at a deep discount.

Judicial Actions

Legal Victories

Being the CEO of a company for 15 years, comes with many successes and trials. In these instances of defamation, what do we do?

The Constitution’s Protection

Reviews, comments, posts, jokes, etc. any that wrongfully 1) allege that Dr. Mirza is not a licensed physician, 2) allege that he is a scam artist, 3) allege that he re-uses old supplies, 4) seek to besmirch the brand Mirza Aesthetics™, will have to substantiate their claims before a judge.

Litigations With What Results?

15 years later, and no medical board or judge has found Mirza Aesthetics™ guilty of any allegations.


Muhammad Mirza v Lori Mehrkens

“IT IS HEREBY ORDERED THAT Mehrkens is PERMANENTLY ENJOINED, effective from the date of entry of this Order, from directly or indirectly making any statements about [Mirza Aesthetics] or its services, techniques, or methods, or those of its employees or officers (including Dr. Mirza), on the Internet, by social media, in other published materials, orally, or by any other means, provided that she may provide complete and accurate information when required to do so by law.” (Italics ours)

CASE NO.: 1:18-CV-06232-LAP

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