Lifestyle Screenings | Health Risk Assesment

At Mirza Aesthetics, we’ve always catered to our clients’ aesthetic and beauty needs. Our most loyal customers also know that Dr. Mirza has always taken an interest in the health of his clients. He’s introduced a number of health services such as the HCG diet, B-12 shots, and cupping. Now Dr. Mirza is taking his concern with your health to a whole new level with Lifestyle Screenings.

What is Lifestyle Screening?
With Lifestyle Screening you get a full picture of your personal health. Using an MRI machine, Dr. Mirza will screen your body for certain medical conditions including cardiovascular disease and neurovascular disease, and other abnormalities for risk assesment.

Is Lifestyle Screening Right For Me?
We recommend Lifestyle Screening for individuals who are embarking on a weightloss journey. This will help them set goals for their future health, and also make them aware of any possible areas for concern. A Lifestyle Screening is also encouraged post-weightloss so progress can be assessed. Additionally, we are happy to offer Lifestyle Screenings to our health-conscious clients, who simply want an overall picture of their health.

What Else Should I Know?
Possible reactions or side effects to an MRI scan should be discussed with your physician. Dr. Mirza would be pleased to consult with you regarding a Lifestyle Screening. Please as Dr. Mirza for details regarding pricing.