Have you heard of Sculptra? You probably have, and most likely, because as a dermal filler it rejuvenates the face. But did you know that Sculptra can also aid in collagen production?

Whether you’ve heard about Sculptra or not, here’s a glimpse of what it can do for you.

What Is Collagen?

Collagen is the most abundant protein in the body. It has several health benefits and uses, however, it’s most commonly noted for its cosmetic effects. This protein is what gives our skin strength and elasticity, along with replacing dead skin cells.

What Is Sculptra?

Sculptra is an injectable gel that is made from a bio-compatible substance called poly-L-lactic acid. It’s designed to give subtle yet strong long-lasting effective results.

Yet, how does Sculptra stand against other fillers in its tier? Comparatively speaking, Sculptra produces more dramatic and longer-lasting outcomes than most fillers.

Just for how long does Sculptra last? Up to two years! And, what happens after two years? In time, the body will safely absorb the poly-L-lactic acid compound and the results can be extended if you choose to receive future treatments.

This acid compound is made by the body to firm the muscles. However, other fillers use toxins. Meaning, safe-grade of “poison” is injected. These treatments have various side effects and sometimes can lead to poisoning and illness. Sculptra is free of these worries!

Why Does The Butt Sag?

There are a variety of reasons for sagging in the butt. Namely aging, diet, exercise, and genetics. It’s only natural to see a reduction in collagen production with age. But, this can cause the skin to sag and wrinkle more frequently.

How Does Sculptra Help?

sculptra, Mirza Aesthetics

Administering Sculptra into targeted areas of the butt as necessary help to reach your goals. These injections contour and lift the butt to provide fullness in needed areas while enhancing natural curves. However, to provide full volume and smoothness to suit your needs, more than one syringe may be needed. Yet, with Sculptra, you can expect, visible and long-lasting results. How so?

Sculptra’s formula is special in that it promotes collagen production in the body. Collagen is the structural component that firms and tightens the skin. Promoting said production improves the skins appearance and overall health.

Non-Invasive Sculptra v. Surgery

 Of course, surgery is the only permanent solution. However, there are disadvantages. Namely, extensive recovery time, scarring and bruising. So, could a non-invasive option be better?

As previously mentioned, Sculptra provides long-lasting results. This is incredible, especially for a non-invasive treatment! There are many injectable fillers that only last approximately four to six months before maintenance is required. What’s more, Sculptra doesn’t require any downtime for recovery!

Follow-Up and Your Goals

To achieve specific goals, multiple injections may be needed. Furthermore, to maintain said goals, follow-up treatment sessions will be needed.

The procedure is virtually pain-free and requires less than one hour. While a local anesthetic may be used, it isn’t required. It is important that you see a medical professional for the greatest benefits with minimal side-effects.

Sculptra usually doesn’t require any downtime. It’s quite possible that you’ll be able to carry on with your normal daily activities right away. However, some soreness and bruising may occur.

Request An Consultation

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The information provided herein has been reviewed for accuracy, but cannot be guaranteed to be free of infallalacy. A consultation with a doctor is always needed before receiving treatment of any cosmetic product.


Published: 20161206
Revised: 20190531

Post Author: Dr. Mirza

With over 15 years of experiences as a licensed physician, Dr. Muhammad Mirza is very knowledgeable in cosmetics. Having specialized in neurology, our doctor knows exactly how to contour cosmetic products to your needs perfectly. Dr. Mirza takes his knowledge and shares it on his website, in his offices, and across various other platforms.