, Mirza AestheticsInjecting Botox® into the pectoral muscles causes them to relax and places the burden on the shoulder and chest muscles.  The effect is the appearance of having larger, perkier breasts, with results lasting around six months. For those looking for aesthetic improvement without undergoing surgery, Botox® has been the go-to solution for combating wrinkles and other signs of aging.  Botox® injections are now being used for a non-surgical boob job. Also known as Breastox, it increases one’s cup size and perkiness.

Are There Side Effects?

Because this is a relatively new procedure, there have not been any reported side effects of the Botox® boob job.  The injections are quick, painless and safe, taking no longer than 30 minutes to perform and leaving no scars behind.  Its effects are also instantaneous.

Is Botox® Right For Me?

The ideal candidate for Botox® breast injections are women whose breasts are no larger than a C cup and are sagging or aging in their appearance.  Injections can also be used to treat wrinkly bust lines caused by sun damage.