Female breasts, in their duality, play a large role in reproduction and sexuality. Psychologists speculate that as humans evolved, female breasts permanently enlarged as a means to attract and retain a companion or prospective husband. Such an evolution is in stark contrast to other primates, whose breasts only enlarge during ovulation. In fact, the book Handbook of Evolutionary Psychology—Ideas, Issues, and Applications [1] says that women evolved to have larger breasts, in the context of sexuality, specifically to “solicit male attention and investment even when they are not really fertile.”

The Appeal of Larger Breasts

According to David P. Schmitt [2], attractiveness is judged by means of adaptive psychological mechanisms that have evolved to identify prospective mates who will increase reproductive success above the level expected in random mating

Whether you prefer larger breasts or not depends largely on your socioeconomic and geographic circumstances. However, whether or not you choose to enlarge your breasts is your choice. Mirza Aesthetics™ supports women’s right to choose. Truly, it is every human being’s unequivocal right to have the liberty of opportunity, especially so in cases of reproductive health.

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Non-Surgical Breast Enhancement

Conventional breast enhancement through surgery routinely involves general anesthesia, artificial implants, and several weeks of recovery. However, its minimally-invasive non-surgical alternative requires a local anesthetic, dermal fillers, and a few days of recovery.

Did you know that fillers can improve the size, shape, and overall fullness of your breasts?

With the use of an FDA-approved dermal filler, your physician will be able to fill and lift your breasts simultaneously. These fillers include Juvederm, Bellafill, Radiesse, or Sculptra. Not only is this procedure affordable, but, it’s also dynamic to your needs!

How Does Non-Surgical Breast Enhancement Work?

Your physician will assess the size, shape, and dimensions of your breasts. Next, discussing your goals with you will be a crucial step to attaining accurate results. One or more syringes of a dermal filler will be injected into select areas around breasts. For extra perkiness, your doctor can inject the cosmetic product near the pectoral muscles.

Can Dermal Fillers Replace Breast Implants?

Dermal fillers cannot replace breast implants. The ingredients in breast implants vary greatly between manufacturers. Nevertheless, they are always produced with strong, long-lasting material. And, for good reason! No one wants to redo a surgical breast augmentation.

However, dermal fillers are pliable, soft and semi-permanent. Namely, they wear off after some time. Most fillers tend to last between six and eighteen months, but, results may vary depending on your body’s metabolic levels.

Your Goals, Your Breasts, Your Call To Make

Most importantly, remember that the choice to enhance your breast is yours. Consult with a physician to see if your goals are attainable and which products may be right for you.

Ultimately, it’s important to keep in mind that the goal of non-surgical treatment isn’t a drastic change. Instead, it aims to provide a supple smooth enhancement that increases your breast size by one cup size or so. Even so, we think you’re beautiful no matter what anyone else says.

[1] Miller, Geoffrey (2014). Chap. 3, p. 87: “How Mate Choice Shaped Human Nature: A Review of Sexual Selection and Human Evolution”. ESRC Centre on Economics Learning and Social Evolution, ELSE working papers.

[2] Schmitt DP— Department of Psychology, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor 48109-1346. Source: NCBI, United States National Center for Biotechnical Information.

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UPDATED: 20191218