Fat grafting, or fat transferring, is a common procedure which involves removing unwanted fat from one area of the body and placing it into another area. Many clients would prefer to have the fat that sits on their hips, aka love handles, plump up areas where they’d like more curves or volume.

How Fat Transfer Works

Fat is removed from the love handles via gentle liposuction. The extracted fat can then be inserted into other areas of the body via injection. Many clients have the excess fat injected into their breasts, butt, or areas of the face that have lost volume.

Are There Side Effects?

Fat transferring is usually considered to be a natural procedure since you’re injecting your own fat into your body instead of a foreign substance. Side effects involving fat transfer are rare. The most common side effects can include swelling and redness. There is also the possibility that the areas where fat has been transferred to may reabsorb the fat. More serious side effects can include an allergic reaction to the local anesthetic used or perioperative bleeding. Speak to your doctor and have them explain all the possible risks with you.

Is Fat Transfer Right For Me?

It may be! It’s important to keep in mind that candidates must have enough fat in the donor area. Additionally, there are limits regarding how much fat can be injected into the new area. If you’re looking for a large-scale change in appearance, talk to your doctor to see if another procedure would benefit you more. Fat grafting is not a quick injectable treatment. You may need time to recover before you can return to your daily activities.


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