, Mirza Aesthetics “Crow’s feet” popularly refers to the lightly hashed wrinkles at the corners of the eye that develop with age. But those deeper wrinkles that sometimes occur—usually fewer but more prominent than crow’s feet—we call “crocodile feet.” It takes extra care to minimize the appearance of crocodile feet, which is why we use Crocodile Filler™!

How Does Crocodile Filler™ Work?

Typically, crow’s feet can be cared for with Botox®. However, Crocodile Filler™ primarily uses the effective injectable Juvederm® first to fill out the deeper set wrinkles, helping the skin generate new collagen and reduce their appearance more effectively than Botox® alone.

Are There Side Effects?

The most common side effects are redness, bruising, or swelling. These side effects generally last for a short time and are mild. As with all procedures that involve an injection through the skin, there is a risk of infection.

Is Crocodile Filler™ Right For Me?

>Because only you know what look is right for you, it’s important to discuss treatment and expectations with your healthcare provider. During a consultation, he will determine if Crocodile Filler™ is right for you, plus how much product is appropriate to enhance your look.