The problem: As we age, our skin begins to sag. With it goes our eyebrows. They can become lopsided, or even sag too low for our taste.

The solution: To an extent, dermal fillers can create a lateral brow lift. Fillers can equalize the brows if one is lower than the other. What’s more, fillers can laterally raise both eyebrows—no longer drooping! Additionally, adding volume to the skin surrounding the brows can give them a fuller look.

Whereas fillers equalize and fill in the brows and surrounding area, threads can provide a needed lift. The PDO Threads work to provide traction to the skin. The sagging skin is thereby raised up and concurrently volumized.

, Mirza Aesthetics

How Does Strategic™ Eyebrow Lift Work?

First, your goals are discussed. How much can your brows be raised? How much damage can be repaired? Most importantly, is this the best procedure for you? Second, the area is thoroughly assessed. In order to choose a filler and the correct amount of threads, the area must be examined.

Third, the filler has to work with you, your needs, and your body. So, the specifics of how well the filler is going to work are addressed. Additionally, any unrealistic expectations are dismissed. Fourth, the threads are inserted to raise the skin. Thereafter, the filler is injected to equalize or fill in the eyebrows and the surrounding area.

Are There Side Effects?

All dermal fillers and products used in our practice are FDA approved. However, some side effects are common, including redness, bruising, pain or swelling at the site of injection. These effects are usually mild and temporary. As with all procedures that involve a needle through the skin, there is a risk of infection.