Facial services like Age Triangle can make all the difference.

What is Age Triangle? How does it work? Would it benefit you?


Commonly known as “runner’s face,” Aesthetic Face Loss™ is common in athletes, especially long-time runners.


The “apples” of the cheek—the prominent and firm roundness of the cheek—sit at the highest point of the facial muscles just below the eye.

Facial Rejuvenation Triple Combo is a service that encompasses the benefits of fat transfer, platelet-rich-plasma, and dermal fillers, for a face that is supple and youthful.

While chubby cheeks may be adorable on babies and children, over-pronounced cheek muscles are not covetable for most adults.


Non-Surgical Chin Augmentation is a great option that is relatively painless,  affordable, and requires no anesthesia.


Platelets and plasma are extracted from a blood sample by centrifuge. It is all natural.

Solar Loss™ is a unique and exciting facial rejuvenation which takes advantage of dermal fillers and PRP to correct sun damage.


Strategic™ FaceLift is the non-surgical answer to the traditional facelift. 

Dr. Mirza’s Strategic™ Touch-Up is for anyone who wants a fresh look for any event.

The Chin Drop™ restores fullness to the face and jawline, as well as your confidence.

A smile is one of your most attractive features. It makes you look approachable, warm, and friendly.


Commonly known as Smoker’s Lines™ or “lipstick lines,” these wrinkles are unattractive and unwanted. What is the best way to treat these unsightly lines?

Treatment for Tractor Forehead™ works to reverse and combat these prominent and deep lines, creating a youthful look.


Sagging, sinking skin on the face or legs is the sad reality of aging. The solution is the Triple Combo Lift™!


Shilouette InstaLift™ is a minimally invasive procedure that is changing the facelift game.

With the turn of the century came the highlighting of cheekbones. But now more people are tuning their jawline. Can fillers help?