Mirza Aesthetics takes an active interest in the health of our clients. We offer a variety of health services, such as the O2-Chair and cupping, which promote mindful breathing, relaxation, and detoxification. One of the most important things our bodies need for optimal well-being is sleep. In this hectic and frenzied world, many are finding that a good night’s sleep is becoming more of a luxury than a basic part of life. Dr. Mirza has thus introduced Mirza Power Naps.

Mirza Power Naps

About Mirza Power Naps

Sleep is essential to physical and mental health. Many professionals find that the demands of their careers are so taxing that good sleeping habits are difficult to cultivate. Hence, Mirza Aesthetics is making Mirza Power Naps available to our busiest clients. Says The National Sleep Foundation, “a short nap of 20-30 minutes can help to improve mood, alertness, and performance.” Mirza Power Naps are 30-minute sessions, to which you are invited to come into our spa-like office and pay off your sleep debt in a calm, quiet and comfortable setting.

The Benefits of Mirza Power Naps

Falling asleep on the job was never desired, yet companies are starting to view naptime in a different light. Employees are working longer hours, and to keep them happy and healthy employers are encouraging naps during breaks. Studies have shown that workers who nap showed an increase in performance and alertness. That may be why huge corporations such as AOL and Google are making nap areas available to their employees.


If your workplace hasn’t adopted this trend yet, don’t wait. Getting the rest you need is vital to your health. Don’t just imagine the benefits of one session; come in and feel it for yourself. You can literally pay off your sleep debt. Trust us, it’s worth every minute.