Celebrities have revolutionized the way we think about lips. A plump pout is often seen as seductive, whereas thin “paper” lips lack appeal. For many, the desired appearance is right in between. Paper Lips™ may be a problem, but our treatment for Paper Lips™ is the solution for fuller lips that aren’t larger than life.

How Does the Treatment for Paper Lips™ Work?

Depending on the current size and shape of your lips, Dr. Mirza will choose an appropriate hyaluronic acid filler. Potential fillers include Restalyne® and Juvederm®, which are designed for subtle enhancement. These fillers are injected into the lips until desired plumpness is achieved. The result is kissable but subtle, sensual but not outrageous.

, Mirza Aesthetics

Are There Side Effects?

Being approved by both the FDA and Health Canada, all hyaluronic acid dermal fillers used in our practice are deemed safe. Typically swelling or bruising may occur on or around the injection site.

Is Treatment for Paper Lips Right for Me?

Our treatment for Paper Lips™ is a safer alternative to surgical methods. The process typically takes around a half hour and is completely noninvasive. Further questions or concerns regarding whether treatment for Paper Lips™ is right for you should be discussed with the doctor.