Because the skin on the neck is thinner than other parts of the body, the neck is especially susceptible to signs of aging. As we age, skin loses elasticity and starts to sag or form unsightly lines. The main culprit is muscle movement and loss of collagen. Gradually, the skin loses elasticity and horizontal wrinkles easily. No matter how youthful the face may appear, an unsightly neck can easily give your age away.

, Mirza Aesthetics

How Dermal Fillers for Neck Lines Works

11 Combo™ is used to successfully treat frown lines and smoker’s lines and combat lines on the neck. 11 Combo™ is a combination of Botox® and hyaluronic fillers. When Botox® is injected into the platysma muscle, the muscle relaxes, and muscle movement is minimized. Additionally, dermal fillers are used to restore volume to superficial lines. As a result, the skin is smooth and supple.

Are There Side Effects?

Botox® and all dermal fillers used in practice are FDA approved and safe for use. Common side effects of treatment include bruising, swelling, redness or pain at the injection site. For more information on whether our treatment for necklines is safe for you, please consult with your healthcare provider.

Are Dermal Fillers for Neck Lines Right for Me?

Treatment for Neckline Wrinkles is a safe and effective alternative for those who want a youthful neck, without the hefty price tag or risk of surgery. Dermal fillers and Botox® will not correct excessive sagging in the skin, so you may want to maintain realistic expectations of results. Consult with your doctor to find out more.