Bunny lines are the small lines that appear on both sides of the nose under the bridge. They’re the result of repetitive facial movements, like scrunching your nose when you laugh; while aging may also be a contributing factor. While bunny lines may sound adorable, they’re not. We want you to look your best, and we have the solution.

How The Bunny Filler™ Procedure Works

The Bunny Filler™ Procedure uses a medley of Botox® and dermal fillers to treat both deep and superficial lines. The contraction of a muscle causes bunny lines. Botox® safely relaxes this muscle and smooths out the wrinkles. Dermal fillers can restore volume to superficial lines that can still be seen even when the face is relaxed. Now when you smile people will see your real beauty, not your bunny lines.

Are There Side Effects?

Botox® and all dermal and facial fillers used in our practice are FDA approved. However, some side effects may occur. These include redness, bruising, pain or swelling at the site of injection. These symptoms are usually mild and temporary. As with all procedures that involve a needle through the skin, there is a risk of infection.

Is The Bunny Filler™ Procedure Right for Me?

The Bunny Filler™ Procedure is minimally invasive, quick and virtually painless. For more information about whether or not you would be a good candidate for The Bunny Filler™ Procedure treatment, consult with your doctor.