Though stem cell rejuvenation and platelet-rich plasma treatments have existed separately for a while now, there is mounting evidence that shows a benefit from combining these therapies. A synergistic effect exists between the collagen-growth stimulation of PRP and the access to the viable biologic building-blocks of stem cells. Dr. Mirza’s SP-Shot™ combines both into one simple treatment.

How Does the SP-Shot™ Work?

In the same way, these treatments work independently, blood is first drawn from the body and placed in a centrifuge. Both stem cells and platelets will be separated from the drawn matter, creating a rich and rejuvenating plasma. This is injected back into the site requiring treatment: the face, the hands, and other areas.

The SP-Shot™

Are There Side Effects?

This is an all-natural injection, unlike other fillers and muscle-relaxers, therefore side effects and potential allergic reactions are almost nonexistent. As with all injections, there is a risk of mild sensitivity, bruising, swelling, and infection.

Is The SP-Shot™ Right For Me?

For those seeking an alternative to fillers and relaxers, and those who feel they need an advanced all-natural rejuvenation therapy, the SP-Shot™ may be appropriate. During a consultation, Dr. Mirza will determine if the SP-Shot is right for you.