Using a hyaluronic filler and platelet-rich plasma, the Vampire FaceLift is an exceptional and affordable way to restore youthfulness and rejuvenate the skin with your healing growth factors.

Why Vampire Procedures?

Cosmetic surgery can remove excess skin and make the person appear younger but, a surgical facelift can be more than what some people need. Fillers lift the skin away from the bone to restore youthful volume and shape. But fillers can create a shape that looks foreign to the person’s face.

Unlike most procedures, the Vampire Facelift offers a way of both restoring shape, and improving tone and texture, as well as literally rejuvenating new and younger tissue!

How Does the Vampire FaceLift Work?

Your physician will draw a small amount of your blood and harvest it’s growth factors. Using a centrifuge, the physician isolates platelets from the blood to create a platelet-rich plasma, also known as PRP. When injected back into the patient, these platelets work to rejuvenate and heal the skin, increase collagen, and generate new blood flow.

Is This Procedure Safe?

Absolutely! Many feel unsafe about potential risks in cosmetic surgery, and others are wary about reactions to chemicals and fillers. But because the PRP is created from the patient’s blood, there is no risk of reaction to a Vampire injection. In fact, there are no reported reactions to any PRP treatments from an FDA-approved kit.

Slight pain, swelling, bruising, and bleeding may occur, as is common with an injection. If your FaceLift includes the use of a hyaluronic filler, check with your doctor to be aware of possible side effects and allergic reactions.