Breast Enhancement with Dermal Fillers

Breast enhancement with dermal fillers can improve their size, shape, and overall appearance. With the use of only FDA-approved dermal fillers such as Juvederm®, Bellafill® and Radiesse®, fuller and perkier breasts can be yours within minutes with this simple non-surgical treatment. And unlike other breast enhancement procedures, there’s no down time and it’s actually affordable!

How Does the Treatment Work?
Breast Enhancement with Dermal FillersA syringe filled with the dermal filler of your choosing is injected into the desired areas of the breasts, usually the upper breast area and sides. For perkiness, the filler can be injected near the pectoral muscles, causing a lifting effect. For a more supple or full look, the filler can be injected into the tops of the breasts.

Can Breast Enhancement with Dermal Fillers Replace Breast Implants?
Dermal fillers cannot replace breast implants, but it’s a suggested alternative for women who want to enhance the overall appearance of their breasts without needing to necessarily enlarge them. Filler breast treatments can make the breasts bigger, but not to the same extreme as implants can.