Male Enhancement with Dermal Fillers

Male Enhancement with Dermal FillersMany men across the globe require a simple increase in their endowment without necessarily requiring additional treatment for erectile dysfunction or increased virility. Reasons range from the purely aesthetic, to desiring enhancement in sexual function and sensation. Regardless of the goal, simple male enhancement can be achieved with dermal fillers.

How Does Male Enhancement with Dermal Fillers Work?
Consistent with other nonsurgical procedures which use dermal fillers, male enhancement works by way of injection. Depending on the patient’s goals, a filler is chosen and then injected into the corpus cavernosa of the penis. The filler is then worked through the penis to achieve a uniform increase in length and girth.

Dermal fillers are an excellent option for male enhancement because they require no downtime and patients can return to sexual activity the same day. Filler are less of a risk than surgery and, because they are temporary, carry no long-term undesired effects.

Are There Side Effects?
Side effects may include swelling, redness, bruising, and pain as is typical with an injection. Allergic reaction is rare. Losses in size and girth may occur in those whose body’s absorb the filler more quickly.


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