Why Mirza Aesthetics?

Dr. Muhammad Mirza is knowledgeable in cosmetics and a board-certified physician. Dr. Mirza knows how to contour cosmetic products to suit your needs perfectly. With over 15 years of experience as a licensed physician, his aim has always been to make his patients feel and look royal.


Dr. Muhammad Mirza has been a licensed physician for well over 15 years! He has treated thousands of patients for a variety of causes. Why is that important? Consider that any doctor can inject fillers. But not every doctor knows the exact layout of the nerves, muscles, and delicate veins under the skin. Dr. Mirza, however, does.


Each year hundreds of patients return to Dr. Mirza for follow-ups, touch-ups or new treatments. The numbers speak for themselves. Using different platforms and making himself available to people in 5 states, Dr. Mirza is really reaching new levels that other doctors and aestheticians don’t.


Still, reaching new heights doesn’t stop Dr. Mirza. In fact, it propels him forward! With 3 patents and over 20 trademarks, Dr. Mirza won’t stop in making cosmetic services affordable, accessible, and convenient—all for you, the patient!

—Royalty Suited To Your Needs—