Sex—a topic that never ceases to trend. Why? Because it’s a pleasure that everyone can attain. A bliss to which everyone is entitled. Says an article published by Psychology Today, “The heavy presence of casual sex in popular culture creates [the] sense of a pervasive new hookup culture unique to the current generation of young adults.” Is that truly the case?

Inadequate Data

The article explains that because more research has been done in the past decade covering sexual matters than ever before, the comparison cannot be absolute. Nonetheless, studies still show that the newer generation prefers casual sex over romantic relationships. However, they do not tend to sleep with more partners. Interesting, no? More sex, fewer partners but all considered casual sex.

More Sex But Fewer Partners—How?

“This suggests there may be a modest shift toward casual sex, but it’s a tendency toward replacing some regular partners with more casual partners—not adding more partners.” So concludes the article. But it begs to ask, Does more sex mean more problems? Likely so.

Getting Help for Sexual Matters

Consider that most men are obsessively concerned with penile issues from a young age. Concerns range from the degree of pleasure, satisfaction and duration to length, width, size, girth, color, shape, and overall smell and taste. While these factors may seem obscure, the truth is that when it comes to being this intimate with someone, you prefer someone who is picky.

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