In our previous post, we discussed some pre-waxing tips, which you can feel free to read here. So, did you do it? Did you wax your legs? Whether you’re courageous enough to follow through is totally up to you. No judgment. But, if you do, here are some post-waxing tips.

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The general rule of thumb post-wax:

Avoid applying any irritants to your skin.

The Post Waxing 48-Hour Rule

You should keep your now smooth legs, says Dove, “clean and dry for the first 48 hours after waxing,” and avoid irritants including “exfoliating, strong sunlight, saunas, synthetic clothes, and steamy, hot baths.

Exfoliating After Waiting

After waxing, exfoliating is a must. Why? Simply put, ingrown hairs are painful and anyone who’s dealt with them can agree. Exfoliating two or three times a week can help avoid this headache. But, again, only exfoliate after the initial 48-hours have passed.

As for what creams, lotions, or products to use, we suggest nourishing body polishes. These are the perfect addition to your post-wax skincare routine. They’ll not only leave your skin feeling silky and smooth, but can also be soothing.

Nurture, Care, and Cherish

In the first few days after waxing, take warm showers, as opposed to hot ones. Lather your body in a creamy, infused with natural ingredients oil or lotion. Try to prevent dryness as much as possible to restore your skin’s natural moisture barrier.

Remember, waxing was a fundamental part of your self-care experience. So, follow up on that. Treat yourself to a night in with a nice meal, light some candles, read a book — cherish yourself. Enjoy the process and love yourself before going out to date.

Feeling Itchy?

If you feel a painful sensation around the treated area, apply a cold compress, or a folded washcloth soaked in cold water. It may be a good idea to wear loose clothing around the waxed area as tighter clothing can create a trap for perspiration. Also, tighter clothing can irritate the skin on your smooth legs.

Waxing Isn’t For Me

What if waxing just isn’t the way you want to go? No worries. The beauty of the beauty industry is the variety of services at your disposal. If you don’t like one product or treatment, then, opt for another!

If waxing sounds like too much work on your own, or, just isn’t pleasant for you, consider getting it done by a professional. It would be a similar self-caring experience, although in a different setting. Or, perhaps you’d prefer laser hair removal. Even still, you might prefer shaving. In our next post, we discuss the cosmetic laser devices that you can substitute for waxing.

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PUBLISHED: 20200109
UPDATED: 20200109

Post Author: Dr. Mirza

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